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Anxiety and depression

To start with a few facts which you already know. Anxiety and depression is another way of describing a weakening of the mind, of emotional states and of the body. It is sadness, tearfulness, a lack of interest in life, a lack of motivation. It's pessimism, a sense of helplessness, a conviction that life is worthless. Anxiety and depression is blaming yourself and others, loss of interest in sex, eating and everything which gives pleasure. It is finding pleasure in wallowing in a feeling of meaningless. It is anxiety states appearing without any reason. Depression is a weakness of the intellect, a tendency to forget and a lowered level of intelligence.

Psychotherapy, based on the theories of Freud and Jung, has found and continues to find thousands of reasons which cause or sustain anxiety and depression. Unfortunately this is scant consolation to all those who have been struck by anxiety and depression and who struggle with all the strength they have left in an attempt to combat it, and fail. My name is Mike Pratnicka and I am husband to Wanda Pratnicka, the founder of that website. I, too, have been in just such a situation, and my anxiety and depression lasted more than 12 long years. I mention only briefly the unending series of psychotherapy sessions or the psychotropic drugs which brought me nothing at all.

And now for a few facts about which you most probably have not heard before. It could be that you sensed that this was so but you couldn't express this feeling clearly. What I'm about to say in just a moment may seem to you to be stupid, foolish, senseless. But it is just possible that you'll say - heavens above, this is exactly what I've been looking for. The more you revolt against it, the greater the aversion you feel to it, the more essential to you is the knowledge presented in these pages.

Anxiety and depression is nothing other than possession, visitation. Perhaps you know that after death a human being departs to God. This is precisely it - some people do depart, but some don't. For the most various of reasons, they remain in the world of the living and haunt living people in order to exist, in order to draw on their energy (more on this subject in the next article). In the place where they find themselves they have nowhere from which to draw energy, so they resolve to steal it from people. Possession brings with it a whole series of consequences. Here we concentrate only on those which have something in common with anxiety and depression.

So - a ghost which has entered your body has passed through death. It is often the case that before its death it had had enough of life, maybe had suffered from some illness and very much wanted to die. Many such ghosts are, for various reasons, hopelessly resigned. This resignation and hopelessness now affect you since from the moment the ghost possessed you the pair of you have started to become one self. That's why thoughts and emotions which you have previously never had start to appear within you. That's why depression starts up within you. I have already mentioned that a ghost steals your energy. It can happen, however, that many ghosts find themselves in one person and they exhaust the daily measure of energy all the more effectively. Most often they place themselves in the region of the solar plexus, the belly button or the spot between the eyebrows. Hence your periodic or chronic headaches or stomach aches.

It often happens that the ghost finds itself in your body by chance. It wanted to steal some of your energy when suddenly, to its own horror, it has found itself in your body. That might be because, as a companion, you are not to its liking, you might have a completely different character to it. The ghost will, therefore, try to free itself from your body, but more often than not it cannot do so. It struggles to get out with all its strength, but unfortunately in vain. Often the only solution it can come up with is to drive you to suicide. How? By constantly making everything seem disgusting to you. Whatever you might do is wrong. Nor is this usually criticizing in order to show you errors which you might put right. The ghost wants to persuade you - the possessed one, that you are nothing, a piece of rubbish, not even someone but something quite worthless. It is most difficult for the ghost at the very beginning when you still have a lot of self-awareness, you know that you can achieve things, that you are loved, accepted etc. When the ghost arranges or comes across some psychological low point within you it will exploit the opportunity because then it will find it much easier to sink into you whereupon depression is only one step away from you.

Anxiety and depression can also be summoned up by ghosts in the following manner:

1) Some ghosts are driven by viciousness, hatred. They have not passed through to the other side of death's curtain, to God, and there is within them much bitterness and unfulfilment. Such a ghost, when it possesses a living person, may decide to take revenge, in other words to take vengeance on the possessed person simply because it is suffering therefore you should suffer, too. Anxiety and depression or depressive thoughts may be just one of the tools of such vengeance.

2) There are ghosts which are not aware of the fact that they've died. They wander in a resigned state (sometimes for very many years) aimlessly, hopelessly. They don't know what's happening to them and how they can liberate themselves from this state. When they possess a person they infuse him or her with their own thoughts. Often such a person will take over their hopelessness and aimlessness, and the consequence of that is depression. The person is convinced that these are their thoughts, not suspecting that they have nothing to do with them.

3) The ghost has passed through death for one of several reasons. Death is always summoned by a person's will, in other words it is the person's choice. People decide to die for many reasons. One of these (and it's a very common reason) is resignation, dislike of life, disappointment in life which can come as a result of so many reasons that it's not possible to describe them all here. From the moment the ghost enters our body its thoughts start to appear in our mind like they were our own. That's when depression will arise within us as well as the moods associated with it. The ghost will strengthen our disappointments, our lows, and these happen to all of us. The modern world brings with it such an intensive life and this brings with it many challenges, many potential triumphs, but also many defeats, too. The ghost which we attract with our mental low will, therefore, intensify our depressive responses. In recent times this situation arises so frequently that depression has started to be treated as a disease of civilization. Industry has reacted to this by producing a whole gamut of anti-depressant drugs (Prozac is one of the top-selling medicines in the United States), swallowing which rarely brings permanent relief. All that is needed is to be able to distance yourself from ghosts before they “reside” in our bodies (because thereafter only an exorcist can help) to avoid powerful depressive feelings and to cope easily with defeat, sorrow and disappointment.

4) Anxiety and depression will arise within us particularly frequently when we are possessed by the ghosts of people dear to us for they will try to exploit our depression as a means of persuading us to come over to their world. A powerful depression as a tool of a ghost which is aimed at leading us to commit suicide may, from the human perspective, seem cruel, but looking at it from the ghost's point of view the matter looks quite different. The ghost has been through death and knows that nothing evil threatens us there. The ghost is alive and therefore may not see anything perverse in persuading us to die. It will, therefore, make our earthly existence unpleasant, it will concentrate exclusively on the dark sides of life, encourage us to commit suicide.

5) Let me repeat it once again, since this is the main cause of depression - very often the ghost is unable to free itself from our body. It finds itself in a cage and tries to get out of it with all its strength. It will frequently come up with the idea of persuading the possessed person to commit suicide. It senses that after the death of the possessed person it will be released from the prison in which it finds itself. In this case, too, it will do everything in its might to make us weary of life. It will try to remove from us all the people who are important to us, all those with whom we have emotional ties. For it knows that contact with others ties us to life whereas solitude often indicates depression which is to lead us to suicide (that is to say, its freedom). It can happen that the ghost will try to persuade a person to commit suicide for a ling time, but the person does not react. It can then start to incline him towards suicide. In many countries, murder is punished by a death sentence and the ghost knows about it. To the ghost it is all the same how it frees itself from the unwanted person. The end result will be death for the person and for the ghost - freedom.

It can be said that anxiety and depression is in itself an unnatural state. Every emotion must be experienced in suitable proportions, but when we fall into extremes (and anxiety and depression is just such an extreme) then bad things start to happen in our lives. Our inter-personal relations suffer, as do our finances, our health, in addition we start to have suicidal thoughts and from this it is but a step from an attempt on our own lives. It has to be added that anti-depressant medication can have no effect here. This is because a person, e.g. Francis, is swallowing medicines for the disease suffered by the ghost, e.g. Elizabeth's, which can work only on the person but have no influence on the ghost.

In all such cases, being freed of the ghosts brings instant freedom from depression. What is very crucial here is the raising of the awareness of the ghosts around us which will achieve a constant distance from them before they can possess us. Sometimes work on creating this distance can take some time, especially in cases where we have been under the ghosts' influence for a long time. What is certain, however, is that we will achieve complete freedom from all dependency on ghosts if only we sincerely resolve to do so.

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25.03.2013 Wrote user kleed11
Thank you for this article, I have suffered from major depression for over fifteen years,i have lost my family and closest friends...
18.08.2011 Wrote user swallow
I think this is very true! Very good read!
03.03.2010 Wrote user mcrlover789
This explains my depression exactly. It started about a week ago, out of the blue. I was perfectly happy, I have people there for me, everything was great. I've begun to get angry at everything or cry over nothing. I've been having suicidal thoughts. Nothing, sex, music, TV, art, that usually interests me no longer does. I'm afraid I'll lose the one I love over this. I need guidance before this gets out of hand.
12.10.2009 Wrote user Jess
Makes a lot of sense to me. When I was depressed, I had thoughts I never have conceived before nor would I ever want to have. I was depressed every moment and every second for about 4 years. Looking back at it, I can't really remember much of it but the feeling of sadness and overbearingness that took over me. I didn't really know who I was anymore or what to do. I had every kind of medications they could prescribe me that didn't help. It took a lot but I feel like I overcame these feeling by expanding my awareness and finding spirituality. I truly believe in ghosts more than I did before and now I know I have the control over my life.
14.09.2008 Wrote user matthipwell
Dear Mrs. Pratnicka: I do believe in ghosts. However, it is quite mysterious to me why God allows souls to linger in such indeterminate states for so long after death as you describe. I mean, why would God call one of his children home through death only to have them spend additional years possessing one or another relative because of some unresolved issue? Perhaps this is their own purgatory... I'm a former Catholic monk and I must admit that your ideas are quite challenging and force me to stretch my thinking far beyond the more restrictive notion of what has traditionally been descriptive of possession. In any event, you certainly seem to know what you are talking about.

Answer from Wanda Pratnicka:

To give you a very short reply - ghosts are amplifying our own subconscious tendencies. Most people living on earth today are quite unaware about that part of ourselves - of our emotional self, of anger, heated, jealousy, envy, or fear accumulated in the subconscious. And that is a very important part responsible for the quality of our life - in our feelings and materially. Therefore because the most of us are running away from that consciousness God has given us the challenge - ghosts. With ghosts you can not run away anymore, you have to face your problem. That way ghosts have paradoxically become our helpers.
14.02.2007 Wrote user jamesceballos
I find your opinions to be quite interesting, I would like some direction toward my own depression and anxiety. I've always believed in ghost,possessions, but never imagined they could have so much control in a persons life...
27.08.2006 Wrote user jaymz
Okay, this makes sense... a lot of sense! AND THANK YOU. JAYMZ

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