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Wieczor Wybrzeza

4 September 1997, no. 19

Beware of ghosts

   "One can communicate with a ghost in various ways - through automatic writing, with the help of clairvoyance or clairaudience.
   "Ghosts, like people, are very different. A person takes their character with them to the other world. If someone was evil, unhelpful to others while alive, that's how he'll remain after death," says exorcist and parapsychologist Wanda Pratnicka. "When we die it's as if we were going through a curtain which separates the world of the living from the dead. But not everyone wants to pass through to the other side, not everyone is aware that they are no longer alive. Usually this applies to people who have died a sudden death or when they were drugged - under the influence of alcohol, anesthetic, or drugs. Those who sinned greatly in their lives also have no desire to pass through to the other side because, after all, they are in no hurry to go to hell.
   "Many of the dead have guides who come out to them to lead them to the side of the Light. But people retain their free will even after death - if they don't want to leave this world then no-one can force them to do so. And it's with lost souls like these who don't know what to do with themselves that exorcists have most trouble. Wandering round the world they can enter the bodies of living people causing them much suffering and trouble. Most of them are evil ghosts.
   "It's hardest to free oneself from the ghost of a person close to one: a mother, father or grandparent. Ghosts like that feel 'at home', they are tied to the possessed person with emotional bonds, the home, the family, the place where they lived for many years. There has to be a great deal of work done on such ghosts for the exorcisms to be effective.
   "Once a very elegant, intelligent man came to me and, quite embarrassed, asked if it was possible for the ghost of his recently deceased father to stay in the home and visit his wife, the man's mother. It transpired that it was. Every night the father's ghost would rape... his 76-year old widow, and what's more he would bring other ghosts to help him. This man told me how one night, hearing his mother's scream, he ran into her room and with his own eyes saw bloodied scratches appear on her body. This may sound incredible but I have already come across several cases like that.
   "I am presently looking after a woman who has been possessed by her superior. She was a secretary, her boss died suddenly of a heart attack and several months later strange symptoms manifested themselves on her. There had been no intimate relations between them before though - she claims - he had made attempts at sexual harassment. This is a very hard case and I have been working on it for several months now. I have taught this woman how she should defend herself against the ghost. I have to use a different method every time because every ghost is different and reacts differently. There is no rule here, one simply has to rely on one's intuition. I usually do it at home, shut away in my own room, I work remotely. I don't have to see the person I'm helping, all I have to have are their details, sometimes also something belonging to them or a photograph. All people need to do is write or phone me.
   "When I perform an exorcism I see the person who needs help and I make a mental connection with them. With a ghost, on the other hand, I can communicate in various ways - through automatic writing, using clairvoyance or clairaudience. To begin with I check to see if I am able to help the person asking me for it and if I can I do help. Sometimes it takes quite a long time, six months or more.
   "Visitations by ghosts can manifest themselves in various ways - sometimes a sign might be alcoholism or drug addiction. The result of possession can be crimes. A ghost can also create a threat to a person's life by encouraging suicidal thoughts. Once a ghost has entered a person it cannot leave that body. If the ghost wants to free itself then the person must die, the ghost must persuade them to die, or to commit a crime punishable by death. When that person dies, the ghost is set free and can then go into another body. Many cases of schizophrenia or other illnesses are associated with possession by ghosts. It's often the case that it's not just one ghost which it is relatively easy to 'size up', but many of them. The people most susceptible to visitation by ghosts are those who are mentally or physically weakened, or weakened by alcohol or anesthetics. Fortunately, most people have within themselves a barrier guarding them against such a possibility. Children always have that and it's exceptionally rare for a ghost to enter a child. Only children beaten by their parents are deprived of this barrier.
   "I looked for effective methods of exorcising for many years, to begin with by trial and error," says Wanda Pratnicka. "Using all my parapsychological experience and knowledge I looked until I found them. If I free someone from a ghost then the problems which caused their mental resistance to fall sufficiently for them to be possessed will remain. Freeing someone from a ghost is only the first step to health."

Author: Krystyna Cendrowska

"Moj Talizman" (My Talisman)
6 November 1997, no.15

Exorcisms, Possession

The Taureg people of Niger believe that ghosts occasionally possess women causing them to suffer from diseases of the heart, the soul and the liver - "the seat of all emotions, particularly love and anger". The ceremony of exorcism aimed at driving out the ghost from a woman's body is a veritable parody of the courting ritual. Its success is dependent on the lasciviousness of the men taking part who treat the woman in a manner which in normal circumstances would be regarded as insulting. The ghost usually goes from the mother to the daughter. And the Tauregs secretly believe that possession is a sign of a secret love.
"Invisible energies destroy life"
In my childhood I was afraid of darkness and of ghosts. I would lose my breath if someone suddenly switched off the light on the stairs. I stopped going into the cellar even in daylight.
Today I am the boss of a company but once I was a hair's breadth away from becoming a patient in a psychiatric hospital. I was healed by an exorcist to whom I had to be almost dragged by my desperate family. I discovered that the ghosts of dead people were taking the energy from me that I needed to realize my own aims. They couldn't rest in peace, for which the people close to them prayed, and they looked for a body they could annex. I was to be their sacrifice.
A ghost wants to get inside me!
When you feel cold shivers, the unseen look of someone standing behind you - it's him, the Ghost that wants to penetrate you.
There are many ghosts circulating round us. All that's needed is the right mood to sense their presence. They're like monsters that have nothing to do with the image of the body they have left.
Human beings of flesh and bone should not be home to the ghosts of dead people after their deaths. Ghosts should leave for the other side. They don't always want to.
Some ghosts stay aware and await an opportunity of their own. Others use bribery, claiming they will fix something or other. They have their scores to settle. They can be cruel.
Are you possessed?
A person carrying someone's ghost is tiring to his surroundings. He'll often be treating neuroses, taking sedatives, drinking, sometimes taking drugs. He suffers. He may feel that he has a split personality.
It's often the case that he'll be relentlessly trying to fix something, exhausting people with his views, writing letters, demanding replies. Someone else's ghost will be activated inside a person when he is overtired, desperate or ill. It's easy then to be possessed.


A small boy withdrew into himself to such an extent that he was taken in for medical observation. The doctors diagnosed autism - I made a different diagnosis: inside him was his grandfather. The boy is now regaining contact with his surroundings and the family, though it values the biological and physical sciences, put their faith in an exorcist. She talked to the ghost of the obstinate grandfather and persuaded him to set his grandson free...

Anna befriended the beautiful Eva whom, at first, she liked to touch and then started to fondle more and more brazenly. Her advances became only too apparent. When Anna's parents heard that their daughter was a lesbian, they went crazy. Their view was that their daughter was all right and that it was Eva who was sowing evil which provoked her to extreme behavior. I uncovered something different. Inside Anna was the ghost of a man demanding sexual relations with a young woman. That's why when she was with Eva Anna's voice became male and something was pushing her towards her friend.

The ghosts of people who during their lives saw their deaths as a hideous process of disintegration, rotting and the cold of the grave do not depart for the other world. Neither do those people who did a lot of harm in their lives and are afraid of punishment. Nor do those who don't accept their deaths and want to live on.
Then they drift aimlessly. They perceive people as little points of light, they want to get inside them. An exorcist can help everyone, but not always quickly. Once I may release an evil ghost as if with the touch of a wand, another time I have to fight it. At such times I may be attacked but I'm not afraid of these powers.
The dangerous ghosts are those that pressure people to suicide - usually these people are possessed by a ghost which is furious with the person because, even though he or she allowed it to enter their body, they now resist its will. To a ghost a superfluous being is like a superfluous coat and it will pressure it to commit suicide. Many people feel intuitively where the haunted places are. They don't know, they don't understand why but they feel the chill of a presence, an undefined fear. Then they seem to see a door-handle drop or an armchair bow under someone's weight. I know that a ghost won't do it because moving objects requires enormous strength, but a ghost will move a chair through a person which it has possessed.
Ghosts have their favorite places to stay - which we perceive as exceptional. They stay in churches, some houses, cemeteries... they draw energy from meandering animals... they lie in wait... they will not leave a person voluntarily. Only exorcism will help.
It should not be feared or regarded as chicanery. If life's complications can not be explained rationally then what remains is the mystery of examining the spiritual state, cleansing the person of the intruder and liberating them from a tragedy. I believe that while we're still living it's worth getting to understand death's path and the removal to a better world.
Fortunately - aside from ghosts which don't want to leave and act destructively on people, forcing them to perform incomprehensible or unworthy acts - there are guardian ghosts. One should pray devoutly for such a guardian angel.

Author: Maria Pratnicka

Magazyn Obyczaje (Lifestyle Magazine)

Demons and Exorcists

In the town of Przywidz the sign over one of the display cubicles informs us that the Center for the Elevation of Human Psychic Contentment is to be found here. The Center is run by Wanda Pratnicka, a middle-aged woman wearing a short skirt. Mrs Pratnicka is an exorcist.
What is it that you do?
I cleanse people of ghosts since they are a great hindrance.
How do ghosts get into a person?
People come into the world with a natural defense against ghosts. Later, however, many people lose this defense, e.g. because they were beaten in their childhood. Other miserable life experiences also have an impact on the loss of this natural defense. Another factor can be anesthetics, loss of consciousness, alcoholic stupor, state after drugs ingestion - all of these are moments where a person isn't fully conscious. Those are the moments when ghosts most often enter. They try to get inside everyone, but they have no chances where there is a barrier. A third conducive situation for them comes with funerals. When a person is very vulnerable with his or her pain, grieving so much then they open themselves up and then they can bring one or more ghosts with them from the cemetery.
More than one?
It can happen that a person has one ghost, a couple of ghosts, but sometimes even several hundred. And more, even - often one ghost may not know about other ghosts.
What is a ghost?
After death, a person will leave his or her body like a skirt in the earth. The rest is a ghost. After death, a person passes through "to the other side". If, however, someone dies a sudden death, or when under the influence of alcohol, or didn't have any idea what they are going to do after death - all of these remain in the astral. And in order to be able to continue functioning, they have to find a human being and enter into them. They prey on gatherings - e.g. in churches or hospitals. And then they take a bit of every person there. But when they find a person open to them, then they enter them.
How can you recognize that a ghost has entered your client?
People stay the same after their death as they were in their lives. In life, people can be good or evil. And when a ghost enters the person's character will change. If a good person is entered by a good ghost there will be no radical change. If someone died because of an illness then the ghost will automatically donate the possessed person the same illness it died of. Evil ghosts cause noticeable changes in character. And then it's easier to realize that they are possessed, and those around them also notice it straight away. People with very variable moods, those who suddenly start to drink alcohol, criminals are more often than not possessed people.
How long does an exorcism last?
That depends. If a ghost is easy and has no special aim in being in someone then one session will suffice. But if it has chosen a person in order to stay inside them for ever then it's terribly hard. Sometimes, cleansing takes weeks or even as long as months.
Does it depend on the spells?
No, it's based on the mind. I am a clairvoyant and I see the ghost. By the power of my energy it's as if I carry the ghost in a cradle to "the other side". The person freed from the ghost has a sense of relief, and those around him can see an improvement.
What other symptoms are there of possession?
An extreme symptom are suicide attempts. Nearly every murderous ghost will force a person to commit suicide. And every suicide is possessed. For after all, a human beings come to this world in order to live. Furthermore - nearly all mental illnesses are caused by possession. Or such situations as a person taking a decision one day and then a different one the next day. Because one of those decision was made by the ghost! Or why does someone forget where they put their keys? Because it wasn't the person who left them somewhere, but the ghost.
Do you also heal people of physical ailments?
When I see that they're caused by the penetration of a ghost. A person with that kind of illness who comes to me regains their health. Because it wasn't that person's illness, it was the ghost's.
Why don't doctors make use of your abilities?
Doctors do come to me, in secret, and say: "Please cleanse me or cleanse someone close to me" (because I drive away ghosts remotely as well - distance means nothing to a ghost). But I can't go into hospitals, particularly not psychiatric ones, because then all the psychiatrists would have no work if I started cleansing all their patients. I don't want to suggest that I'm important, but psychiatric doctors should look more widely at the phenomenon of mental illnesses.
I read in your publicity flyer that you also deal with slimming.
This isn't a slimming program. Let me explain - a person who is possessed has so much fear in themselves that they eat constantly to suppress the fear. As soon as the ghosts are led away then the person will automatically lose weight themselves.
During our interview the grateful daughter of a person freed of illness through exorcism brings Mrs Pratnicka a basket of victuals.
Do you have many clients coming to you?
Very many.
But aren't you encroaching on the Church's territory?
Of course there should priest-exorcists but looking for them would be fruitless.

Author: Grazyna Ziomkowska

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04.11.2013 Wrote user gamedavid73
More people should get involved in getting rid of evil spirits.
22.05.2009 Wrote user vader89
How can i protect myself from ghosts? There is a place in my country famous about ghost sightings. Few friends of mine had a horrible experience there. We want to investigate further, but we don't want to go unprepared. Your professional help will be appreciated.

Wanda Pratnicka's response:

The best way to avoid ghosts is to avoid them. Don't go to such places, don't think about ghosts. Distance to them is the best protection. Such investigations have been done enough in the past. You do not need to proof that a wheel is round anymore.
22.11.2006 Wrote user ingihafsteinsson
Hi, and thanks for a very good informaton on this subject. Its a confirmation on what i have known to be true, since I have seen them, and been fighting them for a long time.

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