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If you are in a situation where you can't cope you may turn to me for help. I perform depossession process ONLY from a distance. 

To enable me to examine if your problem is spirit attachment it is essential I have the following data:

  1. First and last name 
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of permanent residence (street, house number, post or zip code, town, country)
  4. Symptoms that are troubling each person you are asking me about

If you are a public person or for any reason you are unwilling / unable to pass to me your personal data (which I fully understand and respect) you still can use my services (checking and cleansing of you and your near ones) without passing to me or to my associates any of your personal information. 
That option is certainly making it more difficult for me and I am willing to grant that option only in rare, justified cases and for a higher fee. Please call to receive more information on that matter.






Please be informed that there are some conditions for my help:

  1. Every person wishing to receive the cleansing must have read my book "Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the 21st Century".
  2. The cleansing process may be ordered in general directly by the person concerned, without mediators.
  3. In rare cases it is possible that family members or friends order the cleansing process. When doing so that ordering person must commit oneself to also receive the cleansing process and to assist the person concerned emotionally during the entire cleansing process.
  4. In difficult cases like long-lasting mental illness or severe emotional disturbances all persons living with the person concerned must also receive the cleansing process.


The cleansing of ghosts is a paid service. I'll willingly let you know the details by phone or e-mail.



Dear Reader! 

If you have a problem that is NOT related to the influence of ghosts on your life you can contact my office and ask for a private consultation with me. This is a paid option. My staff will let you know about the details. 

This consultation does NOT concern the guiding of a client thorough the cleansing process I am offering on my website. That part is still being performed by my assistants. If, in the course of the cleansing process or before, there are questions coming up my assistants cannot answer (which sometimes happens) they are certainly contacting me. That way the client receives answers directly from me which are being carried over to the client by my assistants. 

The remote cleansing process I am offering is being performed only by myself. My assistants only deliver information necessary for the cleansing process.

Warm regards
Wanda Pratnicka

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