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Mind, Body, Spirit Expo

June 3-4, 2017

Mind, Body, Spirit Expo – Tinley Park Convention Center

18451 Convention Center Dr.

Tinley Park, IL 60477 


Meet Wanda at New Life Expo in Chicago, Illinois. Stop by at booth # 107 to get a private consultation.



Saturday, June 3 @ 4 PM 

Topic: Protection Against Psychic Attacks / Ghosts / Spirits
Learn why the most intense psychic attacks originate from the astral world / ghosts / spirits and not from other human beings as commonly believed. What are the consequences of such attacks? How do we recognize when we are being attack? What should we do during an attack 
and how do we prevent it from happening again? Such attacks could have 
long-term serious effects on our physical and mental health, 
relationships and finances.


Sunday, June 4 @ 1 PM

Topic: Can Ghosts / Spirits Be Dangerous?
Learn where ghosts / spirits are originating from and how they 
influence our daily life when it comes to our emotions, 
thoughts, work, and relationships. Symptoms will be 
revealed so that each can recognize whether the problems are originating 
from the presence of ghosts or from a different source. Learn how to free yourself from the influence of ghosts / spirits and how to permanently remain free.


More information about the expo: http://www.bmse.net/bmseweb/event/eventhome.php?eid=237

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