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Wiadomosci Dnia (News of the Day)

22 and 23 November 1997

Attention! Ghosts lie

Interview with Wanda Pratnicka, exorcist from Przywidz

You claim to be an exorcist. What is it that you do?
I cleanse people of ghosts and evil energies which have overpowered them, taken them over.
Is your predisposition innate or is it something you can learn?
I have been an exorcist for twenty five years but I'm constantly learning, at the moment for instance I am still studying. In fact, I've been learning about this for as long as I can remember.
How did you come to be an exorcist?
When I needed help for someone close to me and could find no-one to help. I helped one person, then another, then a friend of that person. Now I am invited to various congresses and festivals.
Your profession is known chiefly from horror films. Do your clients react like the characters in the films during exorcisms: throwing themselves about, banging against the walls, howling?
No, things are a bit different with me. If I had the possessed person next to me then they'd probably look just like that. But since I do these things remotely it is all much more calm.
On your publicity flyer we read that we can expect the influence of ghosts or bad energies even in cases of hypochondria, obesity, alcoholism or allergy... Does that mean that I, having allergies, am, according to you, under the influence of bad energies or ghosts?
Not every allergy signifies that this kind of influence is operating. This is mainly to do with allergies to metals. If it's that kind of sensitivity then I am a hundred per cent certain that it's caused by ghosts. Similarly with heavy chemical substances; but that's not so with allergies to dust or pollen. You as it happens are clean, you are not under the influence of any ghost, and that's very good.
How do you check if someone is under the influence of these bad energies or ghosts?
I simply know, I feel it. It's enough for me to stand close by, I sense it with my whole being, ghosts are afraid of me and right away they attack me. Sometimes, though, I help myself by using a small pendulum when there are many people around and it's loud, noisy, a commotion.
What do you mean the ghosts attack you?
I sense their presence, their chill, their pinching, even choking, God knows what other kinds of activities, all sorts.
You carry out remote exorcisms?
A ghost is energy. I put trust in my energy and with its help I lead those ghosts over to that other dimension, where they should have found themselves right after death. I simply help them get to their rightful place.
How do people who have been cleansed by you behave? Can they be dangerous?
No. Everyone simply feels a great sense of relief, like a great weight falling off their backs. The families of such people feels like someone has come along with a huge vacuum cleaner and sucked all the bad energies out of the home. That's because I cleanse the entire environment or home at the same time. Others, meanwhile, experience it as if some good energy has come into the home, something pleasant and warm, and the thing that they couldn't cope with before has vanished. Everyone experiences it pleasantly and calmly. I have had two, maybe three very heavy cases where it did come to scenes like those we've come to know in films.
And does it happen that a person whom the bad energies have left is visited by them again?
Yes, it does, but as a rule not more often than just once. Usually, it doesn't come to a third or fourth time. When a person sees how good it is to be alone they won't allow themselves to be entered into by ghosts again.
In other words it all depends on the persons themselves?
It does. Everything depends on the person. If someone doesn't want a ghost to overcome them, then it won't happen.
Do you often come across instances of possession?
My God, there's a multitude of them. It often happens that someone is suffering from cancer and then it transpires that that was an illness suffered by someone who has died and whose ghost has annexed that person. Then what happens is that when the ghost is removed the illness, too, goes. The difficult cases are when someone in the family, for instance a granddad, remains inside a grandson or granddaughter. Then that child might be autistic or mentally ill. One autistic child, after I took away the grandfather's ghost, suddenly started to read, write, talk, perform all the normal activities which medicine regarded as a miracle. Another case was a twenty-five year old girl who couldn't walk or talk, couldn't read or write, didn't walk and couldn't sit unsupported, soiled her bed, after her grandfather was taken away she has started to learn life afresh, just like an infant. Every day I have some success, there really are very many such cases.
Do you have to see the person or is it enough to see a photo?
All I need are a person's details: name, surname, date of birth and place of residence.
And is that really enough?
Just on that basis I can assess if someone is ill or well. I have clients in the United States, Australia, all over the world. Regardless of whether someone is sitting at the same table as me or is in another continent, the degree of difficulty is the same.
What age are your clients?
Any age. Obviously a five year-old won't come to me, but his parents will. Because I do have children in my care, too. Children only catch ghosts as they grow up. Though there are children who are possessed by ghosts at birth. There are also old people, age plays no part in it.
And can one say that women are more susceptible than men?
Gender plays no part in it. Maybe men are more embarrassed and will claim more often that they don't believe in it. However, women come to me to help their husbands. Besides what happens it that if one parent is possessed the other is likely to be and then the children have to be checked, too. It often happens that everyone is under the influence of ghosts.
Can haunting be beneficial to a person, in that a given ghost looks after them, helps them, is good for them?
Let's not confuse concepts here. A guardian spirit may be a person who has passed through to the other dimension and is highly developed spiritually and may, from there, help someone. However, what I do is cleanse people of ghosts which have not passed through to that other dimension, but have imprisoned themselves within a person. They are like caged birds, they do not help people, they are like parasites, they draw out their energies, weaken their decisiveness, incapacitate them. They even pass the illnesses they died of as human beings onto them.
And can people be possessed by many ghosts simultaneously?
There may be one ghost but there may be hundreds even.
Yes. And what can happen is that one ghosts knows nothing about another, and the possessed person knows only that there's something not quite right with them, after all they don't need to know what exactly. Then again it can happen that all, or nearly all, the ghosts know about each other. It can even happen that within a person one of the ghosts is head of the others, just as it happens with people, small bands start forming. Then things are much worse because a person has an organized group against him or her.
Do you make contact with these ghosts, do you try to communicate with them?
I often have to do so when a ghost refuses to leave but I'm not talking here about doing it through spiritualistic tables but through the medium of clairvoyance and clairaudience. I ask it a question and receive a reply. The question has to be unambiguous because ghosts are very perverse. Just like with people, there are criminals among them, and those who set themselves up as being so holy they would only sit in churches. They are very cunning and they have an advantage over us in that they can read our thoughts. My consciousness has to be sufficiently well-trained so as not to let myself be tricked by them.
So ghosts lie?
That can be seen from the example of spiritualistic séances. At how many tables can the same famous personage appear at the same time? And yet it happens. At the same time we know that these more renowned, more spiritual people don't stay on as wandering spirits after their deaths. They always go up the levels. When someone wants to summon a ghost like that it's hard for it to lower its vibrations, return and make contact with everyone. A ghost which appears can hear the thoughts of the people at the table and tells them whatever it wants, claims to be whatever it wants.
Are there many wandering ghosts?
We don't have any statistics on that. Nevertheless, they have been collected abroad and from them it emerges that more or less every twelfth person is possessed. I say more or less because in pathological environments virtually everyone is. There may be one ghost in one person, and a hundred in another. I most often come across people with three, five or ten ghosts. I have a lady here to whom I have ascribed more than a dozen ghosts. There are also many ghosts in hospitals, churches, and in cemeteries.

Author: Kajus Augustyniak

Dziennik Pojezierze (Lakes Daily), Reports
26-28 September 1997

The murky corridors of the beyond

The hour of ghosts

Wanda Pratnicka from Przywidz near Gdansk, became acquainted with exorcisms when she was looking for help for someone close to her. She acquired the secrets of this knowledge in Canada among other places. She has talked about her skills and experiences on New York television. She has helped and continues to help many people by running a center for the restoration of psycho-physical equilibrium. She studied psychology, parapsychology, astrophysics and everything that might help her carry out her work.

My guide through the pathways of wandering ghosts was, unexpectedly, Mrs Wanda Pratnicka from Przywidz near Gdansk, a charming lady without mysterious glances, terrifying gestures or incomprehensible words. She has been talking with ghosts for close to twenty five years. Guiding ghosts away she calls cleansing people.

I must help them understand death

"You feel a cold shiver, the invisible look of someone standing behind your back? That's him. A ghost who probably wants to enter you," she says with a little smile. I felt weak.
"There are many ghosts circling round us," Mrs Pratnicka explains, not noticing my fear. "All you need is the appropriate mood to sense their presence. I can even see them!"
I soak up every word of hers, I start to feel something unusual. "Maybe I am very suggestible," I think. "You are strong and free," I suddenly hear, as if answering my question. The exorcist writes something on a sheet of paper, holds a pendulum over it, and after a moment's concentration repeats: "Yes."
I give her the name of a dead person whom - I have often been told - I resemble closely.
"The ghost of that person has not passed to the other side. It is close, but you are free." As she says this, the exorcist repeats the activity with the pendulum and I feel that I won't be able to keep hold of the pen in my hand. I never suspected myself of having such feelings!

The possessed

Flesh and blood people ought not to be a home for ghosts of the dead. Ghosts ought to leave for the other side. They don't always want to. Some of them stay on consciously and lie in their encounters with exorcists, saying they're alive, they didn't die at all, they have a wife, they're bringing up their children. Some of them use bribery. They say they will leave the visited person in peace when they've fixed this or that. They have their scores to settle, they can be cruel because they are beings from the beyond.
Someone with a ghost is tiring for their environment, incomprehensible. That's why they frequently treat themselves for neuroses, take tranquilizers, or cope in some other way by using alcohol or drugs. They suffer. They sometimes feel they have a split consciousness. They can also constantly want to get something fixed - they inundate people with their views, they write letters, demand replies etc. They walk into a room for some keys they left there but once inside they can't remember why they went there. "Because it's not the person looking for the keys, but the ghost who's possessed him," says Mrs Pratnicka.
An outsider's ghost will be activated within a person when that person is over-tired, depressed or when his strength is being wasted by some disease, longing, uncertainty or sorrow... At such times it's easy to break through and possess that person. That's why a high-school girl, Caroline, very calm at school, well brought-up in a loving family, suddenly runs amok during dinner, starts throwing plates against the wall and shouts things of which she is later ashamed.
A small boy withdrew into himself to such an extent that he was taken in for medical observation. The doctors diagnosed autism. The exorcist gave one look, penetrated with her thought and made a different diagnosis: the boy is possessed by his grandfather.
The boy is now regaining contact with his surroundings and the family, though it values the biological and physical sciences, put their faith in an exorcist. She talked to the ghost of the obstinate grandfather and persuaded him to set his grandson free...
Anna befriended the beautiful Eva whom, at first, she liked to touch and then started to fondle more and more brazenly. Her advances became only too apparent. When Anna's parents heard that their daughter was a lesbian, they went crazy. Their view was that their daughter was all right and that it was Eva who was sowing evil which provoked her to extreme behavior. The exorcist uncovered something different. Inside Anna was the ghost of a man demanding sexual relations with a young woman. That's why when she was with Eva Anna's voice became manly and something was pushing her towards her friend. Freed of her possession she now relates how there were moments when something in her head kept saying: "Screw her, screw her now" - Anna finds it hard to know where such vulgar thoughts came from.

Why they wander

The ghosts of people who during their lives saw their deaths as a hideous process of disintegration, rotting and the cold of the grave do not depart for the other world. Neither do those people who did a lot of harm in their lives and are afraid of punishment. Nor do those who don't accept their deaths and want to live on. Then they drift aimlessly. They perceive people as little points of light, they want to get inside them. Sometimes they choose someone and wait for them in the twilight, not sensing the passage of time or space...
People reconciled to death, understanding the fact, but above all those who believed while alive in life on the other side do depart. The ghosts of such people follow that thought as quickly and lightly as the thought itself. They depart along a tunnel of light to another world regardless of whether they died suddenly, in an accident, or if they lived to a ripe old age and prayed for a peaceful death.
Then she adds that a person's ghost remains for some time next to its dead body. If it is going to move on, then it stays for only a short while. A few hours, maybe, a few days at most. If it were to stay any longer it would lose the energy it needs to sail away for ever. The exorcist can help everyone but not always quickly. One time she will free someone of the evil as if with the touch of a wand, another time she struggles with it. Then she can be attacked, but she doesn't fear those powers. She has worked out a defense barrier for herself. "Everyone has one when they're born, it's just that they may weaken or lose it," she says.
The most dangerous ghosts are those that push someone to commit suicide. Wanda Pratnicka's view is that suicides are people possessed by a ghost who is mad at the person who, though they have "permitted" it to penetrate their body, resists the ghost's will. A disobedient person, like a superfluous container, is pushed by the ghost to commit suicide. It drills a hole in a person's thoughts, sows black thoughts, insists on the senselessness of existence and pushes them from a height or helps them tie the noose.

The alleyways of fear

Many people intuitively sense places that are haunted. They don't know what, they don't understand why, but they feel the chill of a presence, an undefined fear. Ghosts have their favored places to stay, which we infer as being unusual. Ghosts are found in churches, in some houses, in cemeteries. They draw their energies from wandering animals running near children, and they wait... "They won't abandon a person voluntarily. Only exorcism will help.
There's no need to fear it or equate it with chicanery," Wanda Pratnicka assures me. "If life's complications cannot be explained rationally, then checking the state of the ghost remains, cleansing someone of the intruder and saving them from tragedy.
"Even while we are still alive it's worth coming to understand the path of death and the need of moving to a better world," she adds.
She reminds me that fortunately - aside from ghosts which don't want to leave and have a destructive effect on a person, forcing them to incomprehensible or shameful acts - there are beings that look after mankind. We should fervently pray for such a Guardian Angel...

Author: Elzbieta Mierzynska

EXPRESS Tajemnice (Secrets)

An evil soul will not easily leave

All around, in the pavilion of the "Zawisza" club there is a huge crowd. The Bydgoszcz Esoteric Fair is in full flow, it is 13 June, shortly after one in the afternoon.
Over one of the stands for guests and traders there is a sign with the word "Exorcist" on it. It draws people's attention. The exorcist is appearing publicly offering services without the classic spiritual supports as is usual in, say, the Catholic Church (unofficially, of course): it is an astonishing phenomenon.
Beneath the existing sign, in a box made of synthetics and steel, on a plastic folding table sits a woman with a calm expression. She is Wanda Pratnicka, an exorcist from Gdansk. Lying in front of her is an exercise book. Thick, half-filled. On each of its pages there are several notes - personal data, remarks about them. As Mrs Pratnicka assures us this is not the first exercise book for the exorcist's personal use documenting her work.
"I have been engaged in this work for 20 years," says Wanda Pratnicka. "And I had to learn it myself because no-one was able to help me. It concerned someone close to me but not belonging to my family".
Your first success encouraged you to help other people in this way?
"For a long time I didn't get involved in exorcism but various people started coming to me asking for help. It all happens on the principle of 'a friend of mine told a friend of mine'".
Isn't exorcizing a risky activity? Do you feel sufficiently strong to resist these evil beings on your own?
"I have had so many successes that now I know for sure that many people need me," Wanda assures me. "People are treated for years for various ailments or conditions, or in psychiatric hospitals, whereas I, as by the touch of a wand, heal them. Because 'cleansing' someone of an evil ghost is a kind of healing."
Wanda Pratnicka explains that the process of exorcism itself is imperceptible to a given subject. Everything takes place at an astral and mental level. Besides, there are no witnesses - the interventions on souls are carried out in private circumstances, in closed quarters. Here, in this public place, only consultations take place.
"You surely don't imagine that I would expose all the people present here to danger, do you?" Wanda adds with real indignation.
What kind of danger could there be? we ask, nervous about the possibility of receiving a stray shot from an evil ghost.
"There are many dangers," Wanda states enigmatically. A moment later, however, she lifts a corner of the veil hiding the mystery.
"Aside from the entrance of an evil ghost into a person's body, there are many other symptoms that can appear, like for example fear."
What exactly are these evil powers? Is this a personal evil, or some sort of energy?
"One group of beings which 'defile' living people are the souls of people who died suddenly, for instance in a car accident or who were alcoholics or drug-addicts. After their death, souls have only a set time to pass through to 'the other side'. But they don't know what to do with themselves they are so bewildered. A second group 'defiling' the living, and this group is worse, consists of the souls of people who were bad while they were alive, for example they might have been criminals. These souls are afraid to pass through to 'the other side' after their deaths because they don't know what awaits them there. When such a soul enters a person it will automatically push them to perform evil deeds, for instance to commit some crime, or suicide. I can assert with certainty that virtually all suicides are people possessed by evil ghosts."
So evil is the provenance of people's souls and not beings such as, for instance, the devil?
"You'd better ask a priest about that, I won't comment about the devil. I simply see it like this: an evil person will, after death, if they enter a living person automatically perform the same acts of evil as they performed when they were alive. They have not been purified before their death, they remain evil. And there are many such wandering souls, some of them wandering for centuries."
Is the process of cleansing people of evil souls a battle? Do you use force or persuasion?
"One has to use everything that is available. If a person's soul is evil then it won't leave easily. Sometimes exorcisms are a long, drawn-out process, lasting several months."
You recommend exorcism in cases such as alcoholism or drug-addiction. We have to confess this is new to us...
"If something like that is happening in a family then it's worth checking if that affliction isn't caused by the penetration of an evil ghost. If that is the case, then following an exorcism there is a sudden improvement. People then usually think that there's been a miracle, but it's no miracle because 90% of alcoholics and drug-addicts are possessed by ghosts."
But isn't it the case that there is a group of people dependent, for instance, because of genetic conditioning?
"All those cases are contained within that 10%."
That's optimistic news. After all, it means that all kinds of dependency can, in the overwhelming number of cases, be cured?
"They can, and I have examples of it. In fact, to begin with I also thought that if alcoholics or drug-addicts had been dependent for many years then even after the evil ghost had been driven out they would continue to have a craving for alcohol or narcotics. But this turned out to be untrue. Because when an addict who has been 'taking' for many years is cleansed of an evil ghost he will immediately set aside all drugs and do so without feeling any craving for drugs."
Just like that?
"Yes, but only when," Wanda underlines emphatically, "the drug addict was possessed. In other cases my treatment is not effective. After all, I am not a miracle worker."
We say goodbye and leave; there are several people waiting impatiently to consult the exorcist about the state of their souls or those of people close to them. In order that, using the magical overview of reality, they can surrender themselves to psychodrama and psychotherapy.

Authors: Wojciech M. Chudzinski, Tadeusz Oszubski

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19.01.2010 Wrote user S
It happened to me. My grandmother did this to me. I was admitted to psychiatric almost turned over to the state ward. None believed me. What an awful experience. I wonder how many people lost everything over this because you can do so quickly.
21.08.2008 Wrote user Boots
Keep up the great work in correcting the spirit world and our world!
16.08.2007 Wrote user Leslie
I think this information was of great benefit in saying what I believe that ghosts use the energies of people and that it is positive in that they are not demons and can be removed from the person.
21.11.2006 Wrote user mizz_hot_mami
Well i didn't read all of it but it was very interesting!!!
10.08.2004 Wrote user lost in time
I would be very interested to know if there are ghosts around me.

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Please let us know you data – date of birth, forename, surname, place of residence (street, town, country). As soon as we have checked if there might be ghosts around you we will let you know by email.

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