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Newspaper interviews

Common Ground, April 2016

How Wanda Pratnicka is Changing People's Lives in Astonishing Ways

My life has not always been filled with positive moments. Since I can remember, there was always a lack of love and warmth in my home. My mom struggled with depression and often complete strangers had to take care of me. When I was a little girl I couldnít understand why my mom was always sad, unkempt, and didnít have the strength to drop me off at school. When I was senior in high school my mom started to take psychotropic drugs and mixing them with alcohol. No therapy, conversation, or plea could help her. I decided to go to a college far away from her because I thought I would lose my mind if I stayed.

I graduated with honors and few days before I picked up my diploma, I was offered a high-paying job in a financial firm. Two years later I met my husband. I donít know exactly when I started to feel bad. The bad feelings slowly took control of my life. First, I started to feel constantly tired even though I slept 8-9 hours each night. Later, I began to experience horrible migraines and stomachaches. Next, I noticed that I stopped having interest in the things I loved doing. My husband and I started to argue more often about petty things and sometimes I felt like I would explode during our fights. The worst was the feeling of constant emotional pain and states of irrational anxiety. My husband convinced me to seek help from a psychologist and psychiatrist. I was prescribed antidepressants and anxiety meds. I spent the next two years talking to therapists and taking a variety of drugs but none of them helped.

One day I saw an interview on television with Wanda Pratnicka, an exorcist from Poland. She was talking about people who suffered from symptoms similar to mine. She was saying that these symptoms could be caused by souls that didnít cross to the other side after death and attached themselves to the living person. She claimed that for over 45 years, she has helped tens of thousands of people around the world and a few of her clients were being interviewed with her on live TV. Wanda also mentioned that she only helps people at distance and she doesnít need to have direct contact with her client. Their personal details, first and last name, address, and date of birth are enough to localize a given person and lead away any souls attached to him/her.

I decided to call Wanda Pratnickaís office because I was desperate to receive any type of help and also save my crumbling marriage. I gave Wandaís assistant my personal details so that she could check whether I had any souls attached to me. I provided my mom's personal information as well, since she struggled all her life also. When I received the confirmation that both of us have souls attached to us, I asked for both of us to be signed up for the so-called cleansing.

During the three-month cleansing, Wanda leads souls away from a living person. After a month of cleansing, I noticed that I became much calmer and the feeling of sadness was less intense. After two months, I felt as if the heavy burden I was carrying was taken away from me and my mood had improved significantly. And what about my mom? After two months she showed up at my home without any prior announcement. At first I couldnít recognize the woman who was standing in front of me. She looked 15 years younger, was nicely dressed, and had a warm smile on her face. At that moment I understood the pain she was going through all these years and why she wasnít able to take care of me. A feeling of love filled me and I was able to finally forgive her. Today we are making up for the lost time and we are thankful each day for the help we received from Wanda Pratnicka.

Natural Awakenings, March 2016

Can Your Struggles Be Caused By Ghosts?

Noted Therapist and Exorcist Launches Local Lecture Tour

Who are people that reach out to you for help and how often do you deal with a case of possession?

My patients are people of all professions - from housewives, laborers, students to scientists, professors, lawyers, politicians and celebrities. I have been asked for help by priests and nuns, though it might appear that they have professional help at hand. All my patients were similarly unhappy, lost, deprived of hope for the future. Many times they emphasized that I was their last hope, that they had tried literally everything. Doctors, medicines, psychiatric or psychological help were all ineffective. No benefit was derived from conventional and unconventional medicine, either. They often believe that the things they feel or have happened to them are unique, they happened only to them. They wonder why they are suffering so much. Some statistics say that one out of every twelve people is possessed, and other statistics claim that possession is even more common than that.

Your profession is mainly known from the horror movies. What are the main misconceptions about what you do?

On one hand, the media deserves praise for bringing attention to the subject of ghosts since most people had little knowledge about the phenomenon of possession until then. On the other hand, though people associate possession with drastic images, which is a great harm to the people possessed. It creates a lot of fear. They think possession means howling and bumping into walls, which is why they don't seek out people like me. The only help for them is to be liberated from ghosts. I guide ghosts away from a distance so that neither the ghost nor the man knows when it is going to happen and everything happens peacefully.

How can we recognize when someone is under the influence of a ghost?

The following symptoms can occur individually or altogether. They include persistent headaches, stomachaches, chronic fatigue, heaviness, confusion, apathy, depression, racing thoughts, anxiety, unstable moods, insomnia, paranoia, discomfort, feelings of helplessness, constant emotional pain, lack of control over emotions, suicidal thoughts, alienation, addictions and even financial problems. When a ghost is lead away, the symptoms simultaneously go away as well.

Why you donít need a direct contact with a possessed person to free him/her from a ghost? May be a phone conversation or a letter is not enough?

For me, as an exorcist as well as for ghosts, time and space donít exist. When I want to talk to a ghost it does not matter where it is Ė in the next room, a block away, or on another continent, I have the same contact with it as if it were sitting right across from me. Because I can perform exorcisms with the same effect or even better from a distance, I stopped performing them next to the possessed person. I donít need to have personal contact with the possessed person I just need his/her personal information in order to precisely locate the person when I start cleansing them. The personal details can be provided to me in various ways Ė via email, phone, letter or fax.

Radiance Magazine, January / February 2016

The Therapist for Lost Souls

For more than forty-five years you have helped tens of thousands of people around the world. How would you describe yourself and what you do, Wanda?

I am a psychologist, parapsychologist, spiritual teacher and book author. People also refer to me as a lay exorcist and healer. I had psychic skills from birth. I saw and knew things others couldn't see and know. In the beginning, I never thought of becoming an exorcist. However, all my life people of all ages have come to me for help, comfort, understanding, and advice. Today, I am a therapist for ghosts or entities, if you will, and for people. They both need the same care, understanding and the same dose of love. I help ghosts who are ready now but who were undecided after death to pass through to the other side of death's curtain. These ghosts or entities who don't know what to do with themselves I help them come to a decision.

What is an exorcism?

An exorcism is about freeing people from ghosts or entities, but often it is the other way around, freeing a ghost/entity from a living person. Looking from the outside at an exorcism performed by me, you would see it's about breaking a bond, or breaking chains with which two souls (alive and dead) are welded to each other. It's also about bringing a soul to the Light who doesn't have a physical body. Many things create this bond - feelings of guilt, unresolved matters, lack of or unwillingness to forgive, similarity of interests, common addictions, etc.

Who are ghosts/entities?

Ghosts or entities are people who have physically died, but haven't yet passed to the other side of a death curtain to Light. They overlooked their death and wander among the living.

How can we overlook our death?

It is easy to overlook one's death, since after the death of the physical body literally nothing changes for us. We still live as we did in our physical life, seeing, hearing, and feeling in the same way. Because religion often tells us something happens to us after death, we associate death with a corpse lying stiff and insentient. However, since we still can hear, feel, smell after death -we are in a shock, thinking we probably imagined our death. Even if you had a terminal disease or were very old and aware of your impending death, you would probably still doubt you had died after it happened. It's even possible to commit suicide and doubt you have died. Most souls think: "I probably recovered or a miracle happened and I didn't die." Unfortunately, this happens in most cases.

In your book you wrote that ghosts/entities can attach themselves to the living which could result in the tragic consequences for both parties. How can we recognize when someone is under the influence of a ghost/entity?

There are many symptoms and they are all listed and described in detail on my website. They occur individually or in groups. Sometimes a spirit/entity attachment is barely noticeable (although loved ones are often able to see a change in the possessed person's behavior), and sometimes it is very intense - the person is unable to function. Everything depends on the person's sensitivity and what type of spirit/ entity is attached to them. Symptoms could be in the form continuous or regular headaches and/or abdominal pains, constant tiredness, exhaustion despite an adequate amount of sleep, a feeling of heaviness, constant apathy inclusive of depression, unjustified fears (from small to great), mental noise, rapid or changeable moods, a lack of control over emotions, and even financial problems. Serious physical illnesses could also occur (depending of the cause of the possessing ghost's death) and/or mental illness. Sometimes spirit/entity attachment would "only" manifest itself through constant waking up at night (insomnia), sensing someone's presence or pressure to do various things.

You don't need to have direct contact with a possessed person. All you need is their first and last name, address and date of birth to lead away a ghost/entity attached to them. How can exorcism perform in such a way and be effective?

For me, as an exorcist as well as for ghosts/entities, time and space don't exist. When I want to talk to a ghost it does not matter where it is - in the next room, a block away, or on another continent. I have the same contact with it as if it were sitting right across from me. Because I can perform exorcisms with the same effect or even better from a distance, I stopped performing them next to the possessed person. It is a safe, stress-free method for my client and myself. My clients are people from around the world and, in this way, I spare them stress, time and money if they had to travel to see me. Personal details can be provided to me in various ways - via email, phone, letter or fax. I successfully have performed thousands of exorcisms at distance and have proof it worked. My clients feel the effect of my work by feeling relieved. They often tell me it feels as if I have taken away a heavy burden they have carried, sometimes for many, many years.

How often do you deal with cases of spirit/entity attachment and who is the most at risk to become possessed?

I deal often with cases of spirit/entity attachment. Some statistics report one out of every 12 people has an entity attached; other statistics claim entity attachment is even more common. Entity attachments are more frequent in pathological communities-entity attachment concerns every member of such communities yet in conscious families, entity attachment concerns single members. One can get entity attached at any age; it doesn't matter if it is a child, adult, or elderly person. It doesn't have anything to do with sex, education level, or social status. Everyone can get entity attached to them. Both men and women of all professions, including actors, professors, doctors, judges, politicians, priests, nuns, students, and homemakers turn to me for help.

Your first book Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in the XXI Century became a bestseller in your homeland Poland shortly after its first publication and has been published in many languages. What motivated you to write this book?

My clients motivated me to write this book. It is a reply to the endless questions asked by people who turn to me for help. They often believe things which have happened to them are unique and only happened to them. They wonder why they are suffering so much. They think maybe they did something bad and are being punished. Or maybe it's a curse or black magic. I also wanted to, at least in part, soften people's fear of death, and teach them to not detain those who have died, but allow them to depart in peace and most of all, after they leave their physical body, to fully consciously and trustingly direct themselves towards the Light, into the hands of a loving God. I wish everyone this with all my heart.

Wanda Pratnicka will personally participate in the following expositions:

Conscious Life Expo, February 19-22, 2016, Los Angeles, CA
NewLife Expo, March 18-21, 2016, New York, NY
New Living Expo, April 29 - May 1, 2016, San Mateo, CA



Roxanne was a very talented girl. She started her acting career when she was only eight years old. Even though she had loving and caring parents, she was extremely close with her grandmother, who passed away when Roxanne was already an adult. She continued to pursue her career even though she was deeply mourning her grandmother. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, and lost her zest for life. She was doing only what she needed to do without any enthusiasm. The antidepressants weren't helping. She got more motivated when she received a new, wonderful role in the movie and immersed herself in this project.

She noticed that she began to feel overwhelming fear when she left the movie set. She signed up for a therapy. Unfortunately, neither therapy nor large doses of medications brought any relief. She was so paralyzed by this fear that she considered staying in bed all the time. However, Roxanne really wanted to live. Hence, she ran as far away as possible from her fear but simultaneously ran away from herself.

This is how she ended up drinking and taking drugs in night clubs. Paparazzi noticed her strange behavior and tabloids started to write about it. "Famous, rich and lost." was the headline. She had a nervous breakdown a few days later. She was close to committing suicide and was admitted to a mental hospital. In the hospital, she noticed, surprisingly, that everyone around her was the same as her. Even though they are beautiful, famous, wealthy, and talented, they can't seem to manage their lives.

Until this point, she had believed that nervous breakdowns happen because of pressure to succeed, being taunted by the media, and being overworked. In the clinic, she accidentally found a book called "Possessed by Ghosts" by Wanda Pratnicka. She understood that the reason for her suffering could be something completely different than what her therapists suggested. She immediately contacted the author's office and asked for help.

This turned out to be easier than she thought it would be because Wanda Pratnicka always helps at distance, without being there in person. Roxanne felt her help almost instantly. This was an incredible experience. She lived without fear and slept peacefully. Unfortunately, things got worse after a month. She felt slightly anxious at first and eventually let the feeling of fear overcome her. However, she got in touch with Wanda's office before the panic attacks started again. It turned out that her grandma's ghost was the reason that she was feeling this tremendous fear. The ghost had returned to her.

She had seen many therapists prior to this point who had worked with her to help her deal with grandma's death. None of them, though, seemed to associate panic attacks with the presence of here grandma's soul and therefore could offer no help.

She was told that her condition was most likely caused by the death of her grandma and would improve itself sometime in the future. Meanwhile, her anxiety got worse. After reading the book, she understood that she is the creator of her own misery. She suddenly realized how she begged grandma to stay with her so that she wouldn't be alone. She was now finally able to understand that. She said goodbye to her grandma and asked her to leave. When grandma left, the feeling of fear that had bothered her for so many years left as well.

Spirituality and Health, January / February 2015

Why It's Time to Believe in Ghosts

Steven thought people were crazy when he heard them talking about ghosts. He learned the hard way that ghosts can make someone's life a nightmare.

Steven was always happy, surrounded by friends and adored by women. Nobody had any idea that something was happening in the life of this man. On one hand he was Steven, the happy person, but on the other hand, a depressed, sad and furious being. He had stopped enjoying life and started to isolate himself. He did not have strength. He felt as though "the other" Steven was sucking the life out of him.

Steven saw a psychotherapist, and then, a psychiatrist. He was prescribed antidepressants, but still felt poorly. Increasingly, he was consumed by suicidal thoughts.

Possession by a ghost changes a person's sensitivity and personality. It causes multiple personality disorder and also ostensibly mental incompetence. It manifests itself in many ways: from simple mood changes and mental conflicts to all types of neurosis, dementia, hysteria, epilepsy, depression, kleptomania, idiocy, religious or suicidal paranoia, amnesia, sexual deviation, cruelty, and other issues. Evil ghosts try to harm a person's health, feelings and businesses. They take away the joy of living and replace it with a desire to end one's life.

As if that was not enough, Steven had started to experience excruciating headaches. Not even painkillers were helping. His job requested he do a CT scan. "Sir, you have a brain tumor," the physician said after reviewing the scan results. "Surgery is the only option. It might not be successful, though, because the tumor is located in a practically inoperable place."

Steven took to the Internet to find another solution, and stumbled on the website of Wanda Pratnicka, an exorcist from Poland. Afer explaining what had happened to him, he quickly received an answer from Wanda's assistant: "Dear Sir: The cause of your suffering is the ghost of your dear friend who committed suicide." Steven did not believe in ghosts. "It's the 21st century and ghosts are kind of absurd," he thought.

Steven did not believe in exorcisms, but he allowed Wanda Pratnicka to engage in leading away the ghost of his friend. The pain went away and he stopped having feelings of fear. "Right away I began to feel calm," Steven says. With his heart in his throat, he went to a neurologist to repeat the CT scan. When the doctor returned with the results, he asked Steven about his original diagnosis. "I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor," Steven replied. "You must be kidding, sir," the doctor said. "Brain tumors don't just disappear without any sign, but you cannot see any sign here. Everything is just fine."

Steven told Wanda's assistant that his illness had suddenly disappeared. The assistant was not surprised and said, "Steven, you are not the first of Wanda's clients who were cured. When a ghost goes away, suffering disappears as well. Many clients who suffered from cancers and other terminal illnesses, to their doctors' surprise, have regained their health and the will to live."

Author Wanda Pratnicka is a psychologist and parapsychologist with degrees from the Institute of Economics and Culture in Moscow. As a renowned healer and exorcist she has helped tens of thousands of people in need around the world for more than 45 years-without being there in person. She is the best selling author of Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century and the series In the Wheel of Life: Volumes 1-3. Her most recent book is Know the Truth and Be Free. She is often a guest on national television to discuss her work. She resides in Gdansk, Poland.

Wanda Pratnicka will personally participate in the following expositions:

Conscious Life Expo, Feb. 6-8, 2015, Los Angeles, CA
NewLife Expo, March 20-22, 2015, New York, NY
New Living Expo, April 24-26, 2015, San Francisco, CA

There will be an opportunity to meet with Wanda Pratnicka and listen to the lectures, which will take place each day during expositions. Find more information on Wanda Pratnicka's website, WandaPratnicka.com, or call 631-402-1254.


Solving Addictions with Guidance and Temperance

Alcohol and drug problems are pervasive in the entertainment world. At first glance the parties and banquets with their variety of expensive drinks could be seen as the culprits. Not to mention, money and fame could make people in this industry lose perspective. But, is that what is at work in every case?

Michael was the golden boy of Hollywood. However, shortly after he became famous he started having problems. He became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and socialized with the wrong crowd. To make matters worse, he started to steal, even though he definitely didn't need to! Although he had never been a good child, the public always adored him. His fans always forgave his excesses although he continuously got into fights, abused alcohol, took drugs and cheated on his girlfriends. And despite going to rehab few times, he often came to the set drunk or high, and even got into fights with film directors and colleagues. Michael's life took a turn for the worse when he was arrested for wrecking a hotel room. As was his norm he told the police that he wasn't at fault, and he didn't remember anything. Subsequent scandals brought his career to a standstill.

Michael completely broke down once he was left on his own. He found it difficult to be himself. He could only put up the faÁade for the outside world. He disliked himself and what he had made of his life. Eventually he attempted suicide several times. And even though he received many sessions of therapy, his life wasn't improving. Nobody was able to help him. Family and friends tried to help, but it seemed as though he wasn't receptive to their assistance. In front of their eyes, he was slowly hitting rock bottom. He became a mental and physical wreck. He would often spend time on the streets instead of on own estate. Ultimately he left his home for good and became a hobo. He slept anywhere he could, and ate what he found in the garbage cans or what he got from other people. He wandered around town dirty and smelly.

In this lamentable state he bumped into his old friend, Susan who he had left in the past for another woman. They were together when Michael was at the peak of his career. Susan couldn't understand how, in such a short period of time, he had fallen from being a handsome, wealthy and confident man to being a pauper. Susan had moved to Los Angeles from Poland and remembered that back in her homeland there was a famous healer and exorcist, Wanda Pratnicka who could help people remotely.

She visited Mrs. Pratnicka's website and discovered there were many people similarly afflicted as Michael and more importantly they could be helped. The next day she contacted Wanda Pratnicka's office. Soon after Mrs. Pratnicka's assistant told her that Michael was under the influence of many strong ghosts (the souls of persons who died and didn't cross over to the other side of the death curtain) and they were negatively impacting his actions. Susan immediately requested and paid for a cleansing process to remove the ghosts attached to Michael.

After about a week Michael returned home as if he had never left. He showered, changed his clothes and started to visit his old friends even though he had become withdrawn and hadn't visited his friends for a long time. Michael didn't know that it was Wanda Pratnicka who saved his life. He certainly would never have found out were it not for the intrusiveness of returning ghosts. Whenever the ghosts returned Michael slip back into addiction and escape to the streets. The only solution was to begin anew the cleansing process. After Wanda Pratnicka had cleansed him several times Susan told him the real cause of his problems and who healed him.

He very willingly started to participate in the therapy. Wanda Pratnicka taught Michael what to do so that the ghosts would no longer be attracted to him. The most challenging ghost to lead away was his school friend who was a drug addict during his lifetime and who died after extensive suffering. Michael felt guilt and great sorrow over the loss of his life and that is why his friend was constantly attracted to Michael. For many years Michael couldn't forgive himself for not helping his friend overcome his addiction and wasting his life. Ironically, while in great despair he didn't notice that his own life had followed the same path. When he understood that and forgave himself the ghosts peacefully left him and never returned. Michael was free of the ghosts for good. However he had to wait many months to get his next movie role. But once again Michael began to achieve professional success.

By Thomas M. Sipos
[November 1, 2004]

Demons don't possess people - because demons don't exist! Possessions are a real occurrence, but they're actually caused by ghosts!

That's the startling claim of ghost exorcist Wanda Pratnicka, who tells all in her book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century -- and in an exclusive Weekly Universe interview!

* Two Kinds of Ghosts!

Terrifyingly, you and your loved ones may be possessed by two different kinds of ghosts! Explained Pratnicka, "First, there are the souls of departed people. These ghosts have the personality of the deceased, and the free will to decide what to do after the death of their physical body -- so far as they're aware of having died! Many of these ghosts have overseen their own deaths and try to live as if they'd not died.

"The other category [of ghosts] are shadows of departed people, such as an astral body left behind on the journey to higher realms.

"Both [kinds of ghosts] can affect people -- and possess them!"

As for whether animal ghosts can possess people, Pratnicka said, "The soul of an animal returns, in most cases, to the collective soul of that particular animal."

* What Do Ghosts Want?

Ghosts possess people for many different reasons! According to Pratnicka, "The most common case occurs because the ghost needs the living person's energy in order to survive! Other reasons include their attachment to earthly things, such as material possessions, habits, and addictions. And in many cases, souls stay here because they don't want to leave their family or loved ones."

* Do Not Try This at Home!

Pratnicka says she can "easily detect" cases of possession. "I can see the ghost possessing a person. I can talk to that ghost and remove it from the patient. In most cases I am able to communicate with the ghost, determine what his origins are, what life he lived and how he died.

"However, we must consider that the bindings between people and ghosts might be strong, and that the exorcised ghosts may come back and possess these people again. The patient must work at not letting the ghost back in. Emotional bindings between people and ghosts are like rubber bands that draw the ghost back into the patient's body. Those emotional currents must be removed by the patient. That's why, in some cases, the patient also requires my psychotherapy."

Exorcising ghosts is difficult work -- and dangerous! Pratnicka says that a single patient may require exorcism rituals every day for up to three months! What's more, "Exorcisms can be very dangerous for people lacking a deep esoteric knowledge," warned Pratnicka. "Many well-known exorcists end up as my patients!

"However, my method [of exorcism] is very safe -- and always successful!"

While ghosts only rarely possess animals, animals can often see ghosts. "Animals become aggressive, and can even hurt their owner when [the owner] is possessed," said Pratnicka.

Sometimes, one or more ghosts will possess an entire house (an event known as a "haunting" or "house possession"). "It's difficult to exorcise haunted places," said Pratnicka. "The exorcist must contact each ghost in a haunted place, and explain his situation to him. Then the exorcist must convince the ghost to go to the other side of death's curtain, to the so-called 'Heaven,' to God. But many ghosts fear they'll go to Purgatory or Hell [so they resist leaving].

"Hell exists only in their minds -- there is no such place in the non-material world -- but the mind makes it true for them." To placate these ghosts' fears, Pratnicka must perform psychotherapy on them! "That kind of psychotherapy takes some time, and is rarely easy, as some ghosts are completely unaware of their situation -- especially when they died under tragic or traumatic circumstances.

"Exorcising ghosts from people are easy compared to exorcising haunted places!"

Pratnicka rejects the existence of demons, Satan, or the devil. "During my thirty years practice, I've not encountered such entities. Instead, I've discovered that the attributes describing demons or the devil derive from ghosts in the human body."

Pratnicka was born in Poland in 1948, and considers herself a devout Catholic. "But exorcism is not an exclusively Catholic ritual," she says. "Possessed people come from all faiths -- and thousands have come to me for help. I perform exorcisms in God's name, and it is His action. I am only a channel. Exorcisms do not require the name of Jesus or Buddha -- there is only one God. His name is secondary."

Pratnicka sees no contradiction between her Catholicism and her work. "Catholic priests do that same kind of thing using a prayer which I've found to be less effective than my method. My exorcism is based on distance healing. I do not need to see the patient face-to-face."

Possessed by Ghosts:Exorcisms in the 21st Century
by Wanda Pratnicka

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Reviewed by: Alice Klein

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the paranormal or reincarnation you owe it to yourself to read Wanda Pratnicka's book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century. At first you might be skeptical but, as you begin to read, you become immersed in the reality of ghosts and the belief in G-d that has obviously sustained Ms. Pratnicka throughout the years.

While the author doesn't claim that everything is caused by ghosts, she delves into the distinct possibility that they are a causative factor in everything from cancer to Alzheimer's Disease to hypochondria. She explores why and how certain people become ghosts and, through case studies and in practical terms, attempts to enlighten us.

She tells us that the greatest exorcist of all was Jesus and reminds us of these words from the Book of Mark (Mark 16, v. 17) "And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name shall they cast out devils."

If you are seeking personal and spiritual growth and development, this book is definitely for you. After reading this book, I guarantee that it will be a long time before you ever take a walk in a graveyard...if ever.

Blether - the book review site
Possessed by Ghosts:Exorcisms in the 21st Century
by Wanda Pratnicka

Reviewed by: Tami Brady

Possessed By Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century is written by Wanda Pratnicka, world-renowned exorcist and psychic healer. During the thirty years that she has practiced her work, the author has noticed some very alarming trends. Growing up in the wake of war torn Poland, the author discovered that she could see, communicate with, and help troubled ghosts. From these experiences, the author learned that most ghosts simply do not know that they are dead. Furthermore, she also noticed this situation occurred not only to those who died in traumatic situations but also those who died while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medications. Other ghosts were simply people unwilling to leave behind their possessions or family members.

Possessed By Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century outlines some very unique theories about ghosts and their activities after their deaths. The author believes that ghosts purposefully or unwittingly can and do actually cause potential harm, disease, and death to live individuals. Though her theories are no doubt coloured by her traumatic experiences with death and the dead in post World War II Poland, many of the authorís ideas deserve some further consideration. At the very least, the authorís plea that we grieve without pining for our dead loved ones is a very important message.

MidWest Book Review
Possessed by Ghosts:Exorcisms in the 21st Century
by Wanda Pratnicka

Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Senior Reviewer : Shirley Johnson


There are times when I am asked to read and review a work that I know I must put my own personal beliefs aside to be fair in my review, this was the case with the work "Possessed By Ghosts." Although I certainly do feel we are influences by those of the spirit realm, my take on whom or what we are dealing with is a little different than our authors. Nevertheless, her work was intriguing, interesting, well written and I sensed a sincere desire to help mankind as I read her book. That is always refreshing.

"Possessed By Ghosts," written by renowned exorcist and healer, Wanda Pratnicka is a work where our author opens her heart to you, and shares many years of her experience with freeing not only those troubled by ghosts, but the ghosts themselves.. Bridging this world with the next, she explains how she believes those departed influence our lives and often cause sickness and mishap. She gives testimonies and tells of different circumstances where this has occurred, taking time to answer the questions, you the reader, are sure to have. Carefully explaining her position as an exorcist and healer; Ms. Pratnicka offers solutions to these difficulties.

I believe we all have had some experience with those that we cannot see, even if we are not quick to admit it. In this work, Wanda Pratnicka offers you her answer to who these intruders from the spiritual side are, exactly what they are doing, and what you can do about it. Perhaps your answer lies within the pages of this work. You decide.

Possessed by Ghosts:Exorcisms in the 21st Century
by Wanda Pratnicka

Rating: 2 of 3 books
Reviewed by: Martina Bexte

Wanda Pratnicka claims that since her birth in Poland in 1948, she has 'seen and sensed things that have gone virtually unnoticed by everyone around her', and that she was born with an 'innate ability to alleviate the daily suffering of thousands of people, without being in the same room'. Pratnicka believes that the root of many psychological and physical problems 'lies with ghosts and their desire to possess the bodies of the living'.

Pratnicka has earned a Master's Degree in psychology at the Institute of Economy and Culture in Moscow and received the Specialist in Parapsychology award. For the past 30 years, Pratnicka has been a practicing lay exorcist and psychotherapist and has during that time been 'engaged in helping in the field of the psychology of the soul and freeing people of dependencies between people and ghosts'. In Possessed By Ghosts, she tells us she has been 'given the opportunity to share her knowledge of the toxic associations that arise between people and ghosts'.

Pratnicka presents an interesting premise here and her theory about ghosts is impressive and rather fascinating. She discusses many and varied topics including her views on death and why so many of us fear our last moments, why souls choose to linger, what happens the moment a person dies and how their death influences those left behind, haunted houses, phobias, obsessions and fear. Pratnicka also presents many in-depth case studies and discusses how she helped to 'exorcise' the ghosts responsible for her patients' torments, whether physical or psychological.

Whether you're the most logical and grounded person on the planet or a fan of the paranormal, Possessed by Ghosts presents interesting theories. If read with an open mind, it offers up hours of lively or even heated debates. Its tone does become overly dramatic and florid at times and some discussions and arguments sound redundant, but even so, this book presents an interesting point of view about ghosts, possession, exorcisms, death and our very existence.

Possessed by Ghosts:Exorcisms in the 21st Century
by Wanda Pratnicka

What Do Ghosts Wear On Halloween?

Psychotherapist offers unconventional answers to root of negative emotions

(GDANSK, POLAND) Halloween evokes nightmarish images of evil monsters, wicked witches and ghastly ghosts. October 31st, believed by ancient Celts to be the day the souls of the dead walk the earth, provides a perfect opportunity for otherwise "normal" individuals to mask themselves-living out a dark fantasy, embodying another, if only for one night. Wanda Pratnicka, lay exorcist and psychotherapist, says the souls of the dead are with us more than we know. While we hide behind a guise for a single night, the ghosts of the undead cloak themselves with us 365 nights of the year.
Pratnicka shares her knowledge of the astral world and its impact on the living world in her latest book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century (Centrum Publishers, ISBN 3-918022-3-X, $25). She suggests that strong dependencies exist between the world of the living and the dead, resulting in unfortunate, even tragic experiences.
"Ghosts who have not passed willingly and completely through death's curtain remain among the living and are the root causes for anxiety, depression, explosive fits of rage, suicidal tendencies and mental, as well as physical, illnesses," explains Pratnicka.
Endowed with more than 30 years of research and experience with possessions and exorcisms, Pratnicka explores the esoteric arts in her groundbreaking book and offers an extensive, comprehensive guide to spiritual development and personal healing. Through identifying and understanding the origins of toxic dependencies, readers are able to overcome personal struggles and establish a peaceful, happy life.

Wanda Pratnicka earned a Master's degree in psychology at the Institute of Economy and Culture in Moscow, Russia and was awarded Specialist in Parapsychology at the International Academy "Intercollege." Pratnicka also studies the psychology of the soul, cybernetics, astrobiology and astrophysics. She is a renowned exorcist, healing thousands of people worldwide. A mother of two, Pratnicka currently lives in Gdansk, Poland.

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